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Unity In The Community Gives Back

Working Toward a Brighter Future

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Unity In 

The Community

What We Do

Unity in the Community is a registered charity committed to assisting the elderly needy and less fortunate families with food security.

Our role in the community is to increase awareness and understanding about food insecurity and to act as stewards of the critical resources that have been entrusted to us.

The intention is to assist as many families as possible who are in need. Join us in our effort to offer some food relief to these families.

We at UCC are doing our level best to ensure that one of the three basic human needs are met. Feel free to help with this essential movement by donating to Bank of Butterfield Account Number: 0604060300018

Why We Do What We Do

In Bermuda unemployment has been steadily rising for several years. We recognize that food insecurity globally has both a physical and an emotional impact on those affected by it and that families are often forced to choose between buying food, or paying for utilities, rent, and medical care. 

Our Missions is to reduce the negative impact of food insecurity directly to as many as we can. Starting right here at home in Bermuda. 

Feeding the Community

Thanks to the help of our sponsors we are able to help feed those that need it the most in Bermuda. We are continually grateful for their support and yours as well. If you are interested in making a contribution or donation please email Unity In The Community at

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Feed the Community

Helping to feed the community on a daily basis. 

We provide nourishments and food for the community and those that are in the most need of it, in the form of a nice and healthy Boxed Dinner. The meals are Pre-Packaged by our volunteers and ready to go for those in need. Daily pickup time for the dinner boxes is 12:15pm - 1:00pm or until meal boxes have run out for the day. 

Food Hampers

With the help of our sponsors and their financial support we are able to provide very generous Holiday Food Hampers across the Island. The orders for the hampers are placed locally through BGA, Butterfield & Vallis, Dunkley’s Dairy, and other wholesale warehouses. They deliver the items, and we have our volunteers assemble the Hampers. We fill them with canned foods and non-perishable dry good items.  The Christmas hampers are packed with fresh foods, meats, vegetables, a family sized turkey, drink mix, dry foods stocks, seasonings and canned goods.  Some hampers are delivered discreetly to families island-wide and/or participating groups.

Soup Kitchen
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Want to Donate?
Contact Unity In The Community

We are continually grateful for their support and yours as well. If you have questions, would like to work with us, are interested in making a contribution or donation, please fill out the form below or email Unity In The Community at 

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